Friday, January 8, 2010

Outfit Inspiration: New Looks for Black Skinny Jeans

I am growing incredibly weary of the skinny jeans tucked into boots. I appreciate the practicality of the look and it's adorable on tons of people, but some days it seems like that's what 80% of the population is wearing. So I was looking for a little inspiration for other ways to wear them. Also, my new skinny jeans that I just bought are black, and it can be heard to not look like a Steven Tyler groupie when making outfits with them. So I did a little outfit inspiration!

These are my new jeans, but in black (I'm sure everyone has a very similar pair):

And I came up with the outfits below to go with them. Since versatility is sooooo important when going from the cubicle to real life and back again, some of these could play in both fields. Yay! Also, nothing in these is over $100... awesome!

Click the link below to find out where the items are from.

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