Friday, November 7, 2008

Loving Lately: Nico's Style on Lipstick Jungle

Nico from Lipstick Jungle is my daily style inspiration for work for the following reasons...

1. She looks fabulous all the time
2. Her outfits are generally like 3 or 4 pieces (sheath dress, huge jewlery, bag, shoes... period. How easy is that?)
3. The colors and shapes are always dead on without being super trendy or a lot of work
Simple and stylish. Perfect!

Check out some of my faves...

Black sheath dress, huge multi-strand gold necklace (maybe the Tom Binns on I posted yesterday or maybe this or this) and heels. 

Coral cashmere sweater and chunky coral necklace.

Navy cap sleeved dress with huge stone necklace.

I got this necklace last night (at Filene's Basement, in case you are curious) which I will be pairing with jewel neck sweaters and dresses... very Nico on a budget!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

So here is a question... How does one go about wearing black lace without it looking like a Victoria's Secret catalogue or like this Who What Wear Post:

No don't get me wrong, I love alot of this stuff (though perhaps not the lace blindfold) but I live a relatively normal life. A life that does not allow me to wear a lace dress with nothing underneath... a la Gwenyth:
Ouch. Is that Granny panty and white sock we can see? I can only hope not, but this is still not realistic....

So tell me, whats a girl to do? I will post anything I come across that is somehow black lace and completely office appropriate. The quest continues!

Loving Lately: Skull Jewlery

I LOVE skull jewlery. I really do. (see skull ring in my first post.... fabulous, right?) It's a little macabre, but in an edgy, utterly stylish way. Well I just came across this:

on these lovely ladies' blog: How spectacular would that cuff be with some pieces like this:

Obviously, after seeing that cuff, I had to check out the rest of the jelwery in his line: Tom Binns Design.

Some other pieces that I love on there can be seen here.... oooooooooo, LOVE:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Genius or huge waste of money? Hmmm.....

So I have had my eye on the Invisibelt (check it out) for a couple months now and I can't decide if it is pure genius or just a gimmick. I do take major issue with the weird bulge that belts often give me under longer shirts... it is definitely not a good look.

But I'm not sure that this is a better look:

I mean really, people will see the top of your pants on occasion and that is definitely not what I want them to see. But if you are shaped like me and definitely need a belt to keep your pants where they belong, something is neccessary! Is this the best option.... hmmm.... To be determined, I suppose!

Looking cute on the cheap... like really cheap.

So I am always looking for solutions as to how to look cute and current, without spending $1,000 an outfit... or even $100. So I was looking for cheap ways to update my wardrobe and I wandered over to and saw some pieces that I think may be just what I am looking for... all for under $30. Fabulous!

Check out some of what I found...

$28! woah! Link to it here: Cardigan

$25, and soooooo Mad Men fabulous. Link to it here.

With boots? This would be so fantastic and so easy.... $23! Link to it here.

Fall and Winter Style

So every fall and winter we all flock to brown, burnt orange, brick red and evergreen... normally there are my favorite colors and I wait all year for fall just to wear these colors in all their glory, particularly in the form of wool and tweed. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Well, this year, I am changing it all up. My look this season is composed of gray, black, ivory and ballet pink, in the form of pencil skirts and fitted shift dresses topped with cashmere and wrap sweaters.  Is there anything better then satin, lace and cashmere? 

Here is some of my inspiration:

Who doesn't love Kerry Washington?

I maaaaay not wear the leather leggings, but I like the feel of this look.

So here are some pieces that I am looking at for this...

Winter Fab by Pretty_Fab

What to Wear for the Holidays in a Recession?!

Ok, so I am sure you are aware that there has been a bit of an economic crisis lately. I'm not sure if you are all feeling the same way but I am feeling like saving my pennies for a rainy day instead of buying a bunch of new party frocks. Soooo... I am thinking of making my party dresses for the season... here are some ideas I'm thinking of:
Dress A from that pattern perhaps? Obviously NOT made out of crushed velvet, but maybe a simple gun metal gray fabric and an ornate bottom.

Dress A in this pattern could be really cute as well.

What's a girl to wear in a recession?!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Galdiator Heels

So I recently bought these Adorable, right?

Well I am madly in love with them and they look great on, but the only question is what to wear them with! Being a normal sized human and working in an office, I cant exactly rock them with short shorts like the celebrities.

Here is what I have seen:

Oooooooh... totally fabulous right?

From the same genius on polyvore:

Here are the ideas I have come up with, they are all still too dressy or casual to wear to work, but cute anyways:


I am 100% totally in love with the skull ring in this outfit.